Additional data

Additional data
  An ISO term. Information supplied to complement that conveyed in areas of a message.
  ISO International Cheque Remittance term. 4*35x.
  ISO Mail Payment Orders term. 8*35x.
  ISO Collection Order Form term. 10*35x.
  ISO Documentary Credit Forms term. 4*70x.
  ISO Loan/Deposit Contract Forms term. 5*35x.
  ISO 4909 Bank Card term. Discretionary placing of data which is meaningful to the card issuer. 107x.
  ISO International Cheque Remittance term. An additional information for use of the remitting bank only. 2*17x
  ISO Securities Message Types term. Further information on the underlying instruction or information related to a specific message type. 16x.
  Additional data
  An ISO term. ISO Bank Card Originated Messages term. Data supplemental to that already conveyed in the specific data elements in the message. 999x.

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